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Nirvana staff vaccinated complete scheme

Our staff is vaccinated with the complete scheme, and complies with all the regulations that the Romanian government has given. All of our employees have daily temperature checks and covid-19 tests, so you can rest easy while you are with them.

Rules for customers:

We ask our clients not to come to our erotic massage center if they have symptoms. Upon arrival, your temperature will be measured and if it is above 37.5 degrees you will be denied access. You will have the gel to disinfect your hands at the entrance and exit of our salon. You will need to clean your hands before and after using our services. Try to keep the distance of 1.5m as much as possible and respect the areas delimited by warning strips.

Our erotic massage center is built around your needs, which is also why all our clients return to Nirvana.

Welcome to Bucharest.

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