Nirvana Erotic Massage Bucharest: Best Erotic Massage Salon since 2008

Best erotic massage center in Bucharest since 2008

"5 stars on Google Maps says it all! Best erotic center in Bucharest!5 stelle su Google Maps dice tutto! Miglior centro erotico di Bucarest!"

Andrew D.

“Whenever I arrive in Bucharest I never miss an erotic massage. Guys, you are the best and the women are clean and very good !! Excellent value for money”

Alex B.

“The girls are very beautiful, you are spoiled for choice. There is no doubt that you are the top erotic massage center in Bucharest!”

Matthew G.

"You are located in the top area of Bucharest, I was afraid to go elsewhere, but you are right in the center. Beautiful, clean and cozy place, the girls are TOP TOP! Can't wait to go back next month"

David R.

"I am always impressed! I often come to Bucharest and you are always my first choice. the girls are always kind and very beautiful"

Vadim R.

"Without a doubt you are the best erotic massage center in Bucharest"

Francis F

Luxury Erotic Massage: Nirvana Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest, Romania we are waiting for you in the best erotic massage center since 2008 - Nirvana. Beautiful girls, good and very attentive to your desires are waiting for you to give you an erotic massage with a great ending. Stop looking for other erotic massage centers, and come to Nirvana which is located in Bulevardul Eroii Sanitari number 16 (in the Cotroceni area, luxury area). You can write us on whatsapp or call us directly for an appointment. All Italians come back to us for an erotic massage with a grand finale. Relax with one of our girls. Nirvana is said to be the perfect state of well-being for body and soul at the same time, a state that we cannot achieve but which we can only try to get close to. Through erotic massage, we respect this definition and do everything possible to get you as close as possible to a unique journey into the state of Nirvana.

Nirvana - Luxury Erotic Massage Center since 2008

Nude erotic massage (60 minutes)

The nude massage is a complete experience that involves all the senses: body, mind and soul. It is performed by a professional masseuse, whose techniques are adopted individually for each client, aided by music, warm oil and tender touches, you will relax your body and your mind, you will achieve reunion with your own body, realizing the need for well-being , happiness and absolute pleasure. This erotic massage is the easiest way to get rid of everyday stress, shyness and abandon inhibitions.

Topless erotic massage (60 minutes)

Topless erotic massage is a general full body massage that helps you get rid of stress and fatigue. This type of massage remains a unique and exciting way to experience pleasure smoothly. the masseuse will be topless throughout the session, but the experience will be memorable

Erotic massage in assisted shower (60 minutes)
Erotic massage with whipped cream (60 minutes)

Whipped cream massage is a special, sweet and bold way to forget worries and relax. In this massage, special massage techniques are combined with something "sweet" that guarantees an unforgettable experience. The refined aromas will invade your senses and take you to the heights of ecstasy.

Erotic massage 1 hour and 30 minutes

Choose an unhurried massage session, in which you will experience the sensations you long for: romantic foreplay, erotic touches all over the body and deep relaxation. During this massage you will charge yourself with new energy in a romantic atmosphere. You will meet energetic faces that will eat your stomach stressed by everyday worries. You will be caught in a whirlwind of oils, music and stories.

Erotic massage 2 hours

2h erotic massage. Choose an unhurried erotic massage session, in which you will experience the desired sensations: romantic foreplay, erotic touches all over the body and deep relaxation. During this massage you will charge yourself with new energy in a romantic atmosphere. You will meet energetic faces that will eat your stomach stressed by everyday worries. You will be caught in a whirlwind of oils, music and stories.

Dominant erotic massage 1hour

Dominant erotic massage. This type of massage includes bondage, whip play, role play, sponking, a special domination kit will be used. The dominant massage is aimed at those who have an idea or have already experienced the art of domination, sadomasochistic practices or latex fetishism. The masseuses are specially trained to make your body tremble with pleasure.

Couple massage (60 minutes)

For couples, the erotic massage is an oasis of rediscovery and an opportunity to explore sensuality. This therapy offers both partners an unforgettable moment, relaxation but also the rediscovery of pleasure, giving up shyness and inhibitions. Both partners will benefit from the most tender touches, so this experience will lead to the improvement of the couple's life.

Massage with sparkling wine (60 minutes)

The erotic massage with sparkling wine is a massage in which you can give free rein to your imagination so that every emotion is unique. A romantic atmosphere, relaxing music, champagne and a pleasant company will set off an unforgettable massage. It is the urge to evolve the senses and bring the fire of passion back into your life.

Prostatic massage (60 minutes)

Erotic massage with 2 girls (60 minutes)

Four hands of the two goddesses will simultaneously cover your body, touching it in the most sensual ways to make you tremble with pleasure. The whole body will appreciate the movements of the masseuses that will animate you and restore your energy. Our masseuses will make sure that you are pampered and that you disconnect completely. I will take you on the waves of pleasure, ecstasy and relaxation.

Nirvana erotic massage (75 minutes)

Experience the absolute pleasure and ecstasy of a professional masseuse's touches in more sensual ways. This type of erotic massage lasts 75 minutes, without haste, to reach another level of intimacy and sensuality.

Erotic Massage at your Hotel (60 minutes)

Massage in the hotel. Depending on where you are, the lady can reach the door in a maximum of 30-40 minutes. You do not have to move to get dressed or take off your comfort, you just have to lie down and leave yourself in the hands of the chosen lady. This erotic massage session combines the relaxing and sensual massage of desire and erotic massage techniques that will take you to the heights of pleasure

Erotic Massage at your Hotel (60 minutes)

Massaggio in hotel. A seconda del luogo in cui ti trovi, la signora può raggiungere la porta in un massimo di 30-40 minuti. Non devi muoverti per vestirti o toglierti dalle tue comodità, devi solo sdraiarti e lasciarti nelle mani della dama prescelta. Questa sessione di massaggio erotico combina il massaggio rilassante e sensuale del desiderio e le tecniche di massaggio erotico che ti porteranno alle vette del piacere

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Nirvana - Erotic Massage Center since 2008